Chinese 12-Year-Cycle Animals as Org-Mode Heading Icons

Ideas about Org-mode Headings

As an outlining tool, Emacs org-mode has a hierarchical organization of contents. Headings, as the scaffold of a document, should be descriptive, prominent, and expressive. There are several ways to make headings conspicuous:

  • large, bold fonts
  • light colors
  • strange (I mean good-looking) org-bullets.1

Recently I changed my org-bullets to Chinese 12-year-cycle animals, which are well-known by every person in China. Not only being interesting, but this setting is also very convenient for me since I can easily tell in which level I’m currently writing. Well, this actually depends on how familiar with the animals you are.

Figure: animal org-bullets.

Customization of Emacs

After installing org-bullets, set the variable org-bullets-bullet-list through M-x customize, or add this to your configuration file:

(custom-set-variables '(org-bullets-bullet-list (quote ("🐭" "🐮" "đŸ¯" "🐰" "🐲" "🐍" "🐴" "🐑" "🙉" "🐔" "đŸļ" "🐷"))))

How to Memorize the 12-Animal Cycle

As far as I can remember, when I was 5 years old, my mother taught me to recite the animal cycle four-by-four:

éŧ į‰›č™Žå…”īŧŒ 龙蛇éŠŦįžŠīŧŒ įŒ´é¸Ąį‹—įŒĒ。

But I prefer this way:

éŧ į‰›č™ŽīŧŒ å…”éž™č›‡īŧŒ éŠŦįžŠįŒ´īŧŒ 鸥į‹—įŒĒ。


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