Jupyter/IPython Notebook Theme and Chinese Fonts


After using tiddlywiki 5 for about three weeks, I finally gave up. Tiddlywiki is good, just not for users without any web developing experience. It was really painful for me to try every method to get all my $\LaTeX$ equations work. Tiddlywiki has already included “KaTeX” plugin, which is however a very limited support for $\LaTeX$ math. Commands as easy as align or \pmod don’t work in KaTeX. This really drove me crazy.


Actually I’ve used IPython to take notes for several months. It’s really handy and powerful. Once I used the interact function to demonstrate MD data analysis, my supervisor was “shocked” to see the interactive dynamic effects.

IPython is now separated into several new sub-projects. The new project name is “Jupyter”. I like it. And it is still evolving very fast.

After abandon of tiddlywiki, I was considering making my IPython notebooks look better. Then I found some very beautiful themes. Although, I still would like to make some minor changes, especially for Chinese fonts.

I have to confess that I totally have no idea about how to write CSS or HTML. After changing every parameter to see the effect, finally I managed to make my theme work.

About the Chinese Fonts

Personally I like “Kaiti” (楷体) very much. But this time I tried using “Songti” (宋体) for normal font style. For italic and bold fonts, I used “Kaiti” and “Heiti” (黑体), respectively.

Visual Effects

Screenshot of IPython notebook Chinese paragraphs:

Figure: Notebook Chinese paragraphs.

Screenshot of IPython notebook paragraph with $\LaTeX$ math equations:

Figure: Notebook math.

Screenshot of IPython notebook code blocks:

Figure: Notebook code blocks.

Get the Code

Get the code from gist.



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