Personal Chatting Bot for Wechat

Wechat is a stupid chatting program in China. Although I don’t like it very much, many of my relatives and friends use this program. Therefore sometimes I have to deign to suffer it.

Luckily, I found a very nice project which provides user-friendly API for Wechat. With this project I could deploy a bot on my server and intelligently answer questions when I’m away from keyboard (phone). The project is wxBot.

I added my own settings on top of wxBot, and my bot can leave a message when I am called while afk.

I also integrated the functions of the Linux tool fortune into my bot. My friends can use fortune from wechat now.

Most interestingly, I wrote a simple python function to automatically recite poems when activated by a contact, even within “group chatting”.

For more details, please see the Chinese version of this post.

My bot can be found here.


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