LaTeX Template for My Notes in 2018

After trying all kinds of ways to taking notes for some years, at the beginning of 2018, I finally came back to the idea that it would be more appropriate to typeset a research note with $\LaTeX$. Therefore on New Year’s Day, I decided to design a template for this year’s notes. After some learning, I finally come up with a satisfactory configuration. Here I show the effects of using this model to typeset a Japanese textbook.

Since it is for personal use, and I hope my layout to be a unique design, I will not release the source code.


I learned a lot from this project: nexus.sty


  • One color theme per chapter. The uniform color (for every chapter) is applied to the substructures (like sections and subsections).
  • In the sidebar, there is a column of small dots, which cross-links to different chapters. The color of dot also matches the color of the corresponding chapter.

Snapshots of the first page of every chapter

LaTeX template 2018.  Example 1 LaTeX template 2018.  Example 2 LaTeX template 2018.  Example 3

Content details


LaTeX template 2018.  Detailed example 1

Dialog and word list

LaTeX template 2018.  Detailed example 2

Details for Japanese typesetting

Grammar elements

LaTeX template 2018.  Detailed example 3


LaTeX template 2018.  Detailed example 4


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