New PDF Techou (Planner and Diary) for 2021 (for iPad and apple pencil)

I made a pdf file for taking notes and making plans (手帳 in Japanese) with LaTeX.

Proof without words: trigonometric differentiation

I recently got this idea that we can show all the basic trigonometric functions and the derivatives in one figure. So I spent some time to plot it with LaTeX.

LaTeX Typesetting Chinese Character and PinYin Box

This is the beginning of teaching my daughter Chinese characters.

New Year and New Document

Another LaTeX template for this years documentation.

Maxima cheat sheet

Cheat Sheet for Maxima v5.42.2.

Julia cheat sheet v1.0

Cheat Sheet for Julia v1.0.3.

LaTeX Template for My Notes in 2018

At the beginning of 2018, I decided to design a template for my notes in 2018.

LaTeX math cheat sheet

Cheat Sheet for LaTeX mathematics.

Typesetting Lyrics of Japanese/Chinese Songs with LuaTeX

In this post I present an example of typesetting Japanese Lyrics with Chinese translations using LuaTex.

Nice LaTeX Note Template

In this post I plotted a simple picture that can be used as a background figure in LaTeX documents for nice-looking notes.