LaTeX Template for My Notes in 2018

At the beginning of 2018, I decided to design a template for my notes in 2018.

LaTeX math cheat sheet

Cheat Sheet for LaTeX mathematics.

Personal Chatting Bot for Wechat

Build a Chatting bot for Wechat with the wxBot package.

First try of git-svn on CafeMol

An example of using git-svn to organize code. Specially for git-lovers to use svn.

Typesetting Lyrics of Japanese/Chinese Songs with LuaTeX

In this post I present an example of typesetting Japanese Lyrics with Chinese translations using LuaTex.

A Short Example of Using Ledger with Emacs Org-mode

Simple examples of using ledger in Emacs as personal bookkeeping.

Install Dokuwiki + apache2 + php on macOS

Notes of installing Dokuwiki + apache2 + php on macOS.

Vocabulary Builder Employing StarDict Dictionaries

A stupid dictionary similar to StarDict writen in python with regexp supporting.

Deploying Pelican Blogs on VPS with Git

A simple way to use git to organize Pelican websites on VPS.

Jupyter/IPython Notebook Theme and Chinese Fonts

Here I present a theme for Jupyter Notebook, including Chinese font settings.